Master Data Management

Integrate your reference data seamless from legacy systems to a secure Cloud based repository.

Customer Interaction

Know you client trough unsupervised learning clustering algorithms.

Promotion Management

Define your promotional campaigns centrally and broadcast to all your sales channels.

Order Management

Manage your sales channel delivery routes, fulfilling your customer orders with efficiency in mind.

Stock Balancing

Automatic stock transfer proposal between stores, leverage sales where your product is needed.

Staff Performance

Objective gamification, employee sales empowerment, machine learning scheduling focusing on store & staff behavior.

Who We Are

Omnium is a software development company with Retail Omni-Channel Management at its core.

We bring decades of retail experience into a fully integrated Omni-Channel SaaS Platform capable of upgrading your business to a data driven era.

Omnium makes it easy to leverage your data towards your needs.

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